Wifi Solutions

WiFi solutions

Harrok Technology WiFi Solutions in Dubai is the excellent solution to manage user logins to your public Wi-Fi. Being one of the best Hotspots provider in Dubai our services is perfect for Travel, Hospitality & Retail shops, Restaurants and Tourism Attractiveness. Control user logins, and conduct their access time and speed to give a fair share of the network to all your guests. Collect marketing knowledge such as email addresses and social media likes, shares check-ins and reviews through your public WiFi. We strengthen and extend the range of your current wifi network or get you connected to the Internet in a location you’ve never had before. We provide reasonably priced WIFI and networking solutions for your home and office anywhere in Dubai UAE.

We as Harrok Technology is fixing WiFi set up in Dubai which is the Home of Wifi Hotspot Connection. By using Harrok Technology’s Wifi Solution service, we can access to the users age, emails, phone numbers, birthdays etc and enhance to the growth of marketing structure by making it easy.

Harrok WiFi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE

Harrok WiFi is a highly potential marketing tool. Allowing your customers to access free internet will help you gather customer data like email, phone number, social media id etc. which can be utilized to run targeted marketing campaigns. WiFi hotspot not only help you retain your customers but also help you promote your business to unimaginable levels. Plenty of marketing features and analytics that can be utilized to increase your revenue. Guests sign up on your WiFi network, they automatically opt-in for marketing. Our WiFi solutions collect their data like name, location, age, gender etc. Also social media logins help in collecting user interests and behavior those are added to your CRM. We have our team of wifi experts who can fix up a Wifi Hotspot Connections in Dubai U.A.E. Please Contact us via Call or Email.

Our Solutions:
* Bus WiFi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Dhow cruise Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Desert camp Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Cruise Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Luxury Yacht Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Car Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE
* Restaurant Wifi Hotspots in Dubai, UAE

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Harrok Technology is the one of the best wifi solution provider company in dubai. Being a prominent name in the field of wifi service provider Harrok Technology is known by the peoples in UAE. Wifi Hotspots provider in UAE. We bring everything that you would expect from an internet service provider – a highly professional installation and setup, high internet speed, a reliable network, great technical support and customer service to create a remarkable experience for the users, thereby remaining the most trusted WiFi Solutions provider in Dubai and across UAE.

Why Choose Us

✓ Manage your guests/customers WiFi usage.
✓ Every device gets a fair share of available bandwidth.
✓ Reduce downloads on packages with limited data.
✓ Gather customer information for re-marketing.
✓ Increase exposure of your brand with a Wi-Fi login page.
✓ Display offers/menus or conduct surveys/receive reviews.
✓ Have your Wi-Fi network professionally installed/configured.
✓ Improve security to Wi-Fi guests on a separate network.
✓ No technical knowledge required.

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WiFi solutions