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Harrok Technology social WiFi Hot-spot provides a frustration-free way for customers to access your WiFi network

Social WiFi Hotspot enables customers to connect to your WiFi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login. What’s more, you can add social links to your custom splash pages encouraging customers to interact with your brand socially; immediately boosting your social media presence.

Harrok Technology Social Wifi Dubai captive portal then leverages the customer data captured so you can begin to understand who your customers really are by building detailed customer profiles, helping you drive meaningful marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Social Wifi Dubai

  • Enable seamless login so that when guests return to your venue the network remembers their details
  • Reach friends of friends through social media logins and activity
  • Easily promote offers and events to existing and potential customers
  • Drive key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares
  • Enable customers to connect with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more


✓ Manage your guests/customers WiFi usage.
✓ Every device gets a fair share of available bandwidth.
✓ Reduce downloads on packages with limited data.
✓ Gather customer information for re-marketing.
✓ Increase exposure of your brand with a Wi-Fi login page.
✓ Display offers/menus or conduct surveys/receive reviews.
✓ Have your Wi-Fi network professionally installed/configured.
✓ Improve security to Wi-Fi guests on a separate network.
✓ No technical knowledge required.

Contact Harrok Technology for the Best Social Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions. As we have the team of professional for this particular task. They people are much capable to doing this task in the allotted time frame.


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Social WiFi Dubai


Social WiFi Dubai is a modern, smart analytics and marketing tool which allows owners of various establishments to identify and interact with their guests, for example by using real-time promotional campaigns, mailing, conducting surveys via star rating system and gathering feedback and thus improving the overall quality of services. Social WiFi Dubai allows any organization to identify their client, analyze their overall experiences and improve the establishment enabling more Clients to revisit more often and also spreading the words, Contact Us For More Information.