Tourism WiFi Solutions in Dubai UAE

Wi-Fi increase user’s opportunities to experience Internet in Tourism and Transportation

Tourism Wi-Fi Solutions: For the tourism industry, travelers use Wifi to track their journeys and information about where they will visit. Internet Wifi also comfort them while they have to travel tiredly. At airports or central stations, travelers can check mail, look for information about their journeys, watch travel-related websites or share statuses to their Social Networks with ease.

Harrok Technology allow providers, airline employees and business owners to interact with customers. Thus, clients will be served the best and most comfortable services.

We helps enterprises by Providing Tourism Wi-Fi Solutions

Support to provide and update travel information

The Introduction Page settings provides a creative mini “website” which are associated with the true one, creating advantages for customer care services. You can create schedule notifications, timetables, guidelines of training methods and others which expand support capabilities to meet the best services.

Take Tourism Wi-Fi Solutions advantages and improve service quality to increase customer loyalty

Customers can surf internet, check E-mail, post statuses on Social Network for through Free Wifi provided before, after and during their journey. Harrok Technology can help to enhance travel experience of our customers, improve their cohesion and loyalty with discount programs and interesting applications.

Make profits from providing investors a new potential Marketing channel

We can simultaneously attracts sponsors and advertise their brand when people connect to Wifi through the Introduction Page. creating extra benefits for your business.

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