Vehicle WiFi Solutions

Vehicle WiFi Solutions: Harrok Technology  offers a solution to turn your vehicle into Wi-Fi . A unique product developed and designed to make Wi-Fi  available to your passengers and employees during there travel!

We offers you all the features of  Wi-Fi Solutions in your Vehicle.

Choose Vehicle Wi-Fi Solutions for Bus with Harrok Technology

Vehicle Wi-Fi Solutions provided by Harrok Technology is best uses in Public Transportation Buses, Passenger transport companies, Tour company buses , company employee buses and School Buses as well. In today scenario people all over world need entertainment during there free time, weather they are in travelling or in public place. This need for entertainment becomes extremely important during travels in the form of Social Media, Listening to music, Watching movies Calling or Chatting. Passengers needs Passenger travel Wifi Connections. So when people travelling in bus they need to have a bus wifi for transport. During transportation bus wifi keeps passengers busy with a task and journey becomes easy and entertaining.


Car WI-Fi hotspot  is best uses in Taxis, Airport shuttle service company, Transport companies and Rental car service provider. Wifi for car becomes essential in the terms of road maping throughout the journey without fail. It is an amazing technology which saves more time. Moreover mobile wifi helps us to identify the location of the users so as to track on their favourite destination and can be helpful for the future invitation on their fabolous destination for tours and travels. 

Harrok Taxi Wifi Solutions and Taxi Hotspot

Taxi is one of the essential way of transportation. Wifi in taxi enables us to know the exact location where the driver is and also it keeps a passenger connected to their work load on the way. This is the era of irons and rodes where irons can fly or speed up the road. So in this passion self driven taxis have been the gage where wifi doesn’t become luxury any more it becomes neccessity all the way. Hence Wifi Hotspot Solutions becomes the defence of their security. Wifi also makes sure that performance is upgraded and business utility is fertile. By knowing the exact performance of the driver and then can be trained accordingly to excel and compete the competitor.

Hereby We Harrok Technology in Dubai is capable of providing the excellent setup of Hotspot Wifi solutions to our clients and see that they boom with flying digits.

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